History of Siegfried Bettmann & Early Triumph Bicycles

1956 Triumph Mustang Boy’s Model 430


The 1893 Triumph model range, illustrated in the advertisement below, included the ‘Chicago,’ ‘Royal,’ ‘Lady’ and ‘Mustang Triumph.’ The Mustang, priced at £26, was actually a front-driver. In Triumph’s early years, they rebadged bicycles manufactured by William Andrews of Victoria Works, Aston, Birmingham; Andrews made a geared rational in 1892, along the lines of the Crypto with 46 in. front and 24 in. rear wheel, priced at £25. So it’s likely that the Mustang was the same machine.

By 1956 Triumph bicycles were no longer ‘true’ Triumphs, but generally Raleighs with a different badge. However, there were a few exceptions.

The juvenile ‘Mustang’ range, introduced in 1953 as low-key British competition for glorious American character bikes such as the Rollfast ‘Hopalong Cassidy,’ featured a cowboy on a horse on the seat tube. Below it, the ‘Mustang’ name had a rope through it. With a bit of juvenile imagination, I’m sure 1950s British kids could picture themselves pedalling hard on the heels of the posse, swirling lassos above their heads to catch wild mustang horses.

In 1956, a new model was introduced, with 16″ frame and 20″ wheels.



1956 Triumph Mustang

Boy’s Model 430

16″ Frame

20″ Wheels




The Mustang is complete, and in unrestored original condition, with transfers (decals) intact. Soon I’ll replace its tyres and update its photos.







1956 catalogue illustration above, showing a choice of model, with both 24″ wheels and 20″ wheels.

The 1953 catalogue, below, shows only the 24″ wheel model.