History of Siegfried Bettmann & Early Triumph Bicycles

1935 Triumph TS100 m/cycle

1935 Triumph Model TS100 with 98cc Fichtel & Sachs engine.


This machine is quite unique. Without an idea of scale, at first glance you might assume it to be a 1920’s flat-tank Triumph. It quite surprised me how much it drives like one. Obviously it’s a lightweight, so it’s very much easier to manage than a heavy old flat-tank, but the ride-height is similar and it definitely chugs along doing an excellent impersonation of a 1920s motorcycle.


I have to admit to not liking sidecars. I love their looks. But they are atrocious to use on a motorcycle. I thought the TS100, being lighter, might handle one better, so I weighed down this Fenton Zip sidecar with bricks to try and improve the handling. Of course the problem is that when you turn any motorcycle with a sidecar, the sidecar wheel doesn’t turn with you; you have to drag it round a corner.


Very few of this particular ‘flat tank’ variation of the Triumph TS100 were manufactured. You can see two brochure illustrations of similar machines below, but they have different petrol tank styles.

This is the only one still in existence, making it the rarest Triumph motorcycle in the world.



1935 & 1936 TRIUMPH 98cc ADVERTS

1936 Triumph TS100 1

1936 Triumph TS100 2